People Counters

People counters provide the most accurate available information on customer movement entering and exiting a particular area in a given period of time. The obtained information can be used to analyze trends within a particular location, a specific area in the location, or across your entire network of locations. With the technology you will also be able to identify details on demographics such as split of persons into adults and children. People counters can also be used to assess the efficiency of a particular location by identifying the share of visiting customers vs the flow of customer passing by a branch.
Below we present only a small sample of benefits which could be obtained from the above mentioned metrics:

• Real time feedback on the number of customers present in a particular location in a given point in time- allows to react to situations before they occur- for example knowing the number of customers in the store can lead you to make a decision to allocate resources to opening a cash register before the queue actually forms

• Assess customer traffic vs. # of FTE’s- can be used to optimally plan the staffing within the POS and entire network

• Assess the cost of maintaining a branch vs. traffic in front of the branch- can be used to identify locations which have a low potential of breaking even

• Assess the effect of sales and marketing campaigns on customer traffic entering the branch- allows to quickly identify objective benefits of marketing campaigns and more efficiently allocate marketing spend

• Assess the effect of expositions/ visuals on customer traffic – assess the effectiveness of a change in the communication within a store to assess whether it increases customer interest

• Establish optimal hours of operations of branch vs. customer traffic

• Predict the effect of weather vs customer traffic