Presence Detection

Presence detection ranks the popularity of a particular area through a combination of metrics such as time spent of a particular person in a particular area and number of persons in the particular area. Areas within a particular store as well as areas across different stores may be compared against each other as well as in time to analyze trends.
Below we present only a small sample of benefits which could be obtained from the above mentioned metrics:

• Assess the cost/ benefit of maintaining a particular area
• Identify unutilized areas within a point of sale
• Identify the effectiveness of specific zones, such as self-service zones on customer behavior
• Identify the effectiveness of customer service per type of transaction/ per employee
• Assess customer interest in marketing materials/ window displays etc
• Better sell your space/ exposition area to your suppliers
• Optimize the layout of the branch vs. the comfort of movement of customers
• Create unique layouts tailored to the needs of a particular customer group