Product Recognition

Identification of products with 95% accuracy rate via image processing technology. Self-learning algorithms identify all types of SKU’s and automatic stitching of phots allows for multi-photo expositions to be captured and analyzed in one go. The solution is used by market research firms, sales teams of CPG’s and distributors, and owners of points of sale to assess and analyze expositions. With the combination of product recognition and customer behavior analytics – all players of the sales and distribution cycle can analyze and understand the effect of product placement on customer behavior.
Below we present only a small sample of benefits which could be obtained from the above mentioned metrics:

• Identify share of space of your products vs customers
• Eliminate bias, objectivity, and error in assessing product existence and its proper facing on the shelf
• Real time information and feedback (consolidated) on planogram compliance
• Effect of product placement, facing, new packaging on customer behavior (do customers notice your products)