Real-time Alerts

This is probably the most important functionality of our solution. Computer functions can analyze and interpret the information received and push alerts in real time via any means of communication required such as email or SMS to appropriate levels of staff. This means that not only are critical moments identified when they arise, but one receives a notification about their occurrence as they happen, meaning appropriate reaction can take place to address the specific occurrence. From improving customer service, to identifying low quality employees, or assessing the effect of a marketing/ communication campaign- real time alerts can provide valuable feedback to all parties involved in the process.

• the CEO is interested in obtaining information about a specific out of stock situation,
• the Head of Marketing is interested in receiving feedback on the effect of the new POSM
• the Head of Product is interested in assessing the effect of the presentation of a new collection on mannequins
• the Head of HR is interested in tracking the performance of new hires
• the POS manager is interested in pushing sales

all of this is possible with Lab4motion.