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Lab4motion provides an innovative, game changing, real time solution aimed to help assess and truly understand customer experience and improve customer service within the online and offline channels. The technology, based on video processing technology combined with other data sources, reinforced with an alert communication mechanism, closes the marketing loop, and ensures efficient definite results in today’s outcome driven economy.
Founded in 2011, and winner of the 2013 IBM SmartCamp Challenge, Lab4Motion has quickly become a recognized brand providing a revolutionary solution which allows to close the marketing loop with the ability to match customers’ online and offline behavior. Scalable in all verticals, our technology, based on secure and privacy compliant video image processing technology and other sources, provides comprehensive real-time analytics of business processes allowing to assess the customer journey, customer experience, and customer service at a very detailed level. Data gathered by the system is consolidated in easy to read dashboards customized to meet each customers’ and specific user types needs. The technology is furthermore reinforced with an alert communication mechanism which supports the operational and management team during their day-to-day activities, allowing to react to problems as they occur, and sometimes even before, when the opportunity to fix them minimizes the negative consequences which may arise if left unattended.
Lab4Motion is run by a team of experienced specialists who have complimentary experience in sales, consulting, engineering, and technology ensuring that our customers receive the greatest added value from the solution.


2013 – winner of IBM SmartCamp Challenge CEE in Warsaw, Poland

2013 – finalist of IBM SmartCamp Challenge in Istanbul, Turkey

2014 – recognition at The Startup Spring 2014 Budapest, Hungary


Lab4motion aims to partner with the most recognized and reputable global companies focused especially on sales, technology, consulting, R&D, Big Data, and solution integration.


The list below presents our key partners. If you represent a company which you believe could be a good fit to our business model, please contact us.





Lab4motion is always looking for bright individuals who are striving to change the world. We are especially seeking individuals who have statistical, big data, image, and video processing capabilities. If you have a great idea and are stubborn enough to believe that it can disrupt today’s world – please reach out to us and together we will make it happen.

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Visit our booth during the upcoming Web Summit, where we will be happy to present our solution to you. You can meet with our business executives from the 2nd to the 6th of November 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.
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